The Linguistics Program has established policies for consideration of students wishing to switch their degree objectives from Phd to MA or vice versa. Any such change will require the completion of the change of degree objective form and approval by the Graduate Coordinator and, in some cases, the Linguistics Advisory Committee.

MA to PhD

MA students who wish to complete the MA degree and subsequently earn a PhD in linguistics at UGA must submit an application through the Graduate School along with all future Program applicants.

MA students who wish to skip completion of the MA degree and proceed directly to the PhD track at UGA may submit an application for change of degree objective during the fall semester of their second year. Such applicants will be considered among the Program applicants for matriculation the following fall, and applications should be complete by the January 1 deadline for that consideration. All of the materials required of first-time applicants will be required of the students applying to change their degree objective (see the admissions page for details). Of course, materials from their initial applications may be reused, but applicants will likely want to submit a new writing sample and statement of purpose. In addition, the application must be accompanied by three letters of recommendation by current members of the linguistics faculty attesting to the applicant's preparedness to advance to PhD research.

In case an application for change of degree objective is not approved, students should continue to work toward completion of MA degree requirements. The result of the application, since it is decided along with the applications for the following fall, should be revealed to the student by mid-January during what would be their final semester.

Successful applicants should be aware that they are now responsible for the PhD courseload and requirements for students who do not have an MA in linguistics (assuming they were not attempting to earn a second MA in linguistics).

PhD to MA

PhD students who decide that they are better served by the Program by receiving an MA degree are free to switch from the PhD to either MA program simply by completing the change of degree objective form and receiving approval from the Graduate Coordinator. Such students should be aware that, should they change their mind, they will be required to follow the procedures of switching from the MA to PhD track listed above.

MA to MA

MA students may at any time decide to switch between the thesis and non-thesis options; however, they should note that there are coursework differences between the two options. Students should allow themselves an appropriate amount of time after switching to fulfill all of the new requirements.