Students with under 60 credit hours

Until you reach ~60 hours of credit recognized by UGA, you will be advised by a lower-division adviser. Appointments can be made using the SARA system. If you are nearing the 60 hour mark and have yet to declare Linguistics as a major, you should do so soon. You should also take LING2100 The Study of Language before you reach that 60 hour mark.

You may still be seen by a Linguistics advisor if you have under 60 hours, particularly if you have begun to take upper-level Linguistics courses. Please see below for directions on scheduling an appointment.

Students with over 60 credit hours

Once you have reached 60+ credit hours and have declared a major in Linguistics, you will be advised by the Upper Division Departmental Advisor, Rebecca Jeffers. You will have access to her appointment times in the SARA system. Appointments are in room 140 of Gilbert Hall. If you do not see any appointment times that fit your schedule, please contact Mrs. Jeffers at, and let her know your situation. Be sure to include your full name and student ID# in your email. Mrs. Jeffers will have Walk-In Hours for quick questions regarding your major or other academic concerns. You can see her Walk-In hours by accessing her calendar in the SARA system. Please be aware that Walk-In Hours are not for advising appointments or to be cleared to register.

In your final year

After you have been advised to register for your final semester, you must schedule a graduation check appointment with  your Graduate Certification Advisor (using the SARA system or by calling 706-542-1522) to set up a graduation check appointment. At this appointment, your advisor will discuss with you how your program of study at UGA fulfills the requirements to receive an A.B. in Linguistics. If there are any issues or special considerations to be made, now is the time. If you would like to schedule a graduation check appointment before this, you will be able to schedule once you have 80+ hours. Feel free to contact Mrs. Jeffers, or the Graduation Certification Office, with any questions you have regarding the grad check process. You can also visit the Graduation Certification Website to find more information about graduation checks.

Updated: 01/20/2017