The Linguistics Program rarely has its own funding to subsidize travel to conferences for students, so travel grants must be sought from other offices at the University. We will assist students in applying for any such funding where possible, but most questions should be directed to the award-granting office on campus. Please note that awards from any organization typically cover only a portion of the cost of a trip. That is, even for trips where you might expect to pay upwards of $1,000, you may only receive $400. Should the Linguistics Program ever receive any travel funding of its own, you will be notified of the award stipulations ahead of time.

Domestic Travel

Doctoral students who are accepted to present papers related to their dissertation topic at regional or national, academic conferences in the United States may apply for financial assistance from the Graduate School beginning in their fifth full-time semester, provided that such students have earned at least a 3.5 GPA and are the primary author of their paper. Interested students should make an appointment with the Linguistics Office Manager to put together an electronic travel authority request by the following Program deadlines (established in order to meet Graduate School deadlines):

  • September 1st for conferences in October-December
  • December 1st for conferences in January-March
  • March 1st for conferences in April-June
  • June 1st for conferences in July-September

Please bring or forward the following items to the Office Manager prior to the meeting:

  • Abstract of your presentation where you are listed as first author
  • Unofficial transcript listing your current GPA
  • Official conference acceptance letter or email
  • Details of your plans pertaining to: precise location of the conference, how you plan to travel there (airfare estimate or mileage if driving), duration of your stay, and if you plan on splitting costs with anyone
  • A completed, printed, and signed University Travel Authority so that we can create an electronic travel authority using that authroization and information. Students are considered employees, and all numbers can be estimates. Consider this a draft and plan to discuss the details at the meeting.

If you need help or have questions with any point in this process, please email the Office Manager for assistance.

Upon return from the trip, the student must alert the Office Manager to initiate the check request process for reimbursement for the travel. The student will need to fill out an Expense Report with the Office Manager as soon as their trip is completed. Please bring all receipts for costs incurred on the trip. Receipts must show proof of payment by the traveller and include the total payment cost. 

International Travel

For international conferences, the Office of the Vice President for Research has a process for applying for funds. The deadlines for these awards are the second Tuesdays of each of the following months: January, March, May, July, September, and November. It is the student's responsibility to initiate this process with the OVPR and, if successful, bring awarded funds to the attention of the Office Manager prior to any deadlines set by the OVPR or by University travel policies.

Updated: 03/27/2017