Cost of Attendance

The most up-to-date information can be found on the bursar's website.

In estimating the cost of attendance, we assume a student takes a full course load of 12 or more hours and attends courses during fall and spring semesters. Credit hours over 12 within a given semester are free. Taking fewer than 12 hours will decrease the estimated cost and taking summer courses will increase the estimated cost.

The total cost per academic year in tuition and fees is $10,750/year for in-state students and $26,348/year for out-of-state studentsThis cost does not include books, housing, food, health insurance, or other miscellaneous expenses. The "extras" are estimated to cost roughly $18,000 per academic year. As such, the total estimated cost per academic year of living and going to school in Athens, GA is $28,750 for in-state students and $44,348 for out-of-state students.

International students must provide proof of their financial support before they can be offered admission. For information regarding how much money an international student must prove they have, please see the Graduate School's Estimated Budget for General Graduate Students form and contact Graduate Admissions at with any questions.

Graduate School Awards and Competitions

Initial support from the Graduate School consists of Graduate School Assistantships, Graduate Recruitment Opportunity awards, Presidential Graduate Fellows awards, Regents Out-of-State Tuition Waivers. All applicants who meet the January 1 deadline for submission of their application materials are entered into competition for all applicable Graduate School awards during the application review process. While no specific request to be considered for these awards is necessary, the inclusion of a résumé and a cover letter with your application materials (number 7 on the admissions page) will help us determine nominees for these awards. Of particular importance to the award process is your inclusion of details which potentially set you apart from other applicants or make you unique. For instance, being the first member of your family to pursue college or graduate education. Please view the Graduate School's award details when preparing your letter.

There are other awards and competitions offered by the Graduate School that will be announced throughout the year during attendance at UGA. For details on these awards, please also see the Graduate School's page linked above.

Linguistics Program Awards

The Linguistics Program funds its students through teaching assistantships for our introductory Linguistics course, LING2100 The Study of Language. Being a teaching assistant requires at least 18 hours of graduate credit in Linguistics and a semester-long training course. As such, first year students will not be able to receive teaching assistantships through Linguistics for their first semester. Occasionally students with master's degrees can receive an assistantship for for the second semester of their first year. For more information about these assistantships, please see the assistantship page of this website.

Through the hard work of our faculty members, we are also able to offer teaching assistantships via the Writing Intensive Program for grading certain undergraduate linguistics courses. LING3150 Generative SyntaxLING4022 Advanced Phonetics and Phonology, and LING3280 Contrastive Grammar: German - English have each had such TAs in the past few years. These assistantships will be granted to those students who perform well in the graduate versions of these courses after their first year and express an early interest to the instructor.

As support to our Program, we can also nominate qualified students to receive assistantships teaching in the English Department or introductory language courses through the Romance Languages Department.

The normal TAship (instruction of 3 courses per year) qualifies students for a reduced tuition of $25 in addition to a salary for teaching. All teaching assistantships require completion of TA training courses and/or apprenticeships, as well as a minimum amount of graduate coursework (18 credit hours) in the field. As a result, teaching assistantships are not typically available to students in their first year of graduate study. However, interested students should plan to take the apprenticeship courses during their first year or risk remaining ineligible in later years.

Other Resources

Other academic and non-academic departments offer assistantships with the same benefits described above, and our students are welcome to apply to any and all that become available. Students are allowed to work in other departments while earning a degree in Linguistics. A particularly helpful place for information on potential assistantship funding is the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs website.

Another means of reducing tuition comes in the form of out-of-state tuition waivers. Out-of-state students (including international students) who have committed to attending the Linguistics Program may be further nominated to receive an out-of-state tuition waiver. Such waivers reduce the cost of attendance to in-state levels, saving students roughly $15,000 per year.

Out-of-state MA students beyond their third semester and out-of-state PhD students beyond their third year who have made adequate progress toward graduation will also qualify for out-of-state tuition waivers. The reduction will be automatic for PhD students who have advanced to candidacy, but MA students will have to fill out a form to request this reduction. More information regarding this policy can be found on the Graduate School's website under the topic "Minimum Enrollment".

Updated: 7/2/2015