Type CMSD, ENGL, FREN, GRMN, etc., to find cross-listed courses
Seminar on Pidgin and Creole Formation
The study of pidgin and creole languages. Students will examine the socio-historical background and social contexts of the languages to determine what role demographic and social factors may have played in their emergence, as well as their linguistic characteristics and their significance for linguistic theories.
Seminar in French Linguistics
Topics and issues in French linguistics. Possible offerings include Old French, French dialectology, French sociolinguistics, and French semantics and pragmatics. Given in French.
Spanish Second Language Acquisition
Survey of issues and theories in second language acquisition and examination of current research in the acquisition of Spanish as a second language. Critiques of both theoretical and applied studies and collection and analysis of empirical data. Given in Spanish.
Field Methods in Linguistics
The techniques of recording and analyzing a foreign language by working directly with a native speaker.
Seminar in Language Variation and Sociolinguistics
Special topics and current issues in language variation and sociolinguistics.
Doctoral Research
Research while enrolled for a doctoral degree under the direction of faculty members.
Directed Readings in Linguistics
Advanced directed study of a topic in linguistics.
Doctoral Dissertation
Dissertation writing under the direction of the major professor.