Volume 1, 2015

Volume 1 of the LSUGA Conference Proceedings is edited and reviewed by Lisa Lipani, Michael Olsen, and Douglas Merchant



Aseel Alammar, Georgia Mason University

Second Language Perception of Word Segmentation


Kate Bove, University of Georgia

Was she sick sick? ¿Enfermo enfermo? k'ojan k'ojan?: A pragmatic investigation of adjective reduplication in Spanish, English and Yucatec Maya


Anais Holgado Lage, Princeton University

The Dictionary of Spanish Discourse Markers for Students ofSpanish as a Second Language


Yanyu Long, Cornell University

Individual Differences in Perceptual Compensation and Lexical Effects and Implications for Sound Change


Joseph Stanley, University of Georgia

Merging Phonemes in Real Time


Heiko Wiggers, Wake Forest University

Professional Register and Regional Dialect: A sociolinguistic survey on use of Low German at the workplace


 Aaron Yamada, University of California, Davis

A Por as a Serial Preposition in Spanish