General Education Core Curriculum

It is important to work toward completing the General Education Core Curriculum requirements during the first few years of college, whether at UGA or another institution.

We do not specify any courses for Areas I, II, IV, or V. It is always a good idea to attempt to take courses that fulfill these and your University- or College-wide requirements at the same time. This reduces the amount of time spent taking courses that are not directly relevant to your major and may even allow you to double major. See below for more information.

Core Area VI: Major-Related Courses

  1. LING2100 The Study of Language (look for the online or honors versions of these courses, as well!)
  2. Competency in a language other than English through the fourth semester of study
  3. Competency in another language other than English through the second semester OR competency in two other languages other than English for one semester each.

The languages used to satisfy parts (2) and (3) above must be from different language families. Please see the list of languages offered at UGA for more information about language families and potential languages to study.

University and Franklin College Degree Requirements

In addition to completing the UGA Core Curriculum requirements (above), you must satisfy the University-wide requirements and the Franklin College requirements.

A helpful tip: any courses that are used to fulfill major requirements, general electives, or the Core Curriculum may simultaneously satisfy the University or Franklin requirements. Lookout for courses that do double duty and you will save yourself some time and effort.

Major requirements: 8 courses (24 credit hours)

Required courses (to be taken as soon as possible after completion of LING 2100 and declaration of the major):

  1. LING3060 Phonetics and Phonology
  2. LING3150 Generative Syntax

Choose 2 courses from the following list:

  • LING3250 Morphology
  • LING3830 Languages of the World
  • LING4160 Compositional Semantics
  • LING(ENGL)4170 Second Language Acquisition
  • LING4022 Advanced Phonetics and Phonology
  • LING4690 Historical Linguistics
  • LING4710 Languages in Contact
  • LING(CMLT)4740 Discourse Analysis
  • LING(ANTH)4860 Sociolinguistics
  • LING(ENGL)4886 Text and Corpus Analysis
  • LING(CMSD)3120 Study of Language Development OR LLED5730 First and Second Language Acquisition and Development

Choose any 4 additional LING courses at the 3000/4000-level.

Updated: 1/23/2015