Kim Waters, doctoral candidate in the Linguistics Department, served as co-moderator of two events, with Dr. Sujata Iyengar of UGA’s English Department, in the November conference, Scenes in the Other’s Language / Scénes dans la langue de l’autre. The conference explored appropriation of Shakespeare in non-Anglo cultures, and was co-hosted by UGA and the University of Toulouse. The first event, Mama Day and The Tempest –Magical Language: Gloria Naylor, Shakespeare, and the Barrier Islands, was held at the ACC Public Library. In the second, Kim introduced a public screening of Daughters of the Dust, a film based on historical events at Igbo Landing, St. Simon’s Island, Georgia and lead a Q&A session after the film. She served also as advisor for the University of Toulouse advance team visit to Sapelo Island in Spring 2018.

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Image courtesy of the UGA Library