The Linguistics Department is proud to announce that two CURO students will be working with our faculty this fall.

  • Trevor Talmadge is pursuing a dual BA/MA program in Linguistics. Since Fall 2016, Trevor has been working with me and with Romance Languages PhD student, Philip Limerick, transcribing data from interviews gathered with Spanish speakers in Roswell, GA. Trevor participated in the UGA en Buenos Aires during the summer of 2017. He will continue to work with Dr. Howe on varieties of Spanish spoken in the Southeastern United States during AY 2017-18, which will form the basis of his MA thesis in Linguistics.
  • Nicholas Twiner will be working with Dr. Lee-Schoenfeld for a fourth consecutive semester. They have been investigating existential constructions, the passive, and double-object constructions.  Last spring, he gave three presentations of his work on double-object constructions in his native Southern American English dialect, a poster at the Berkeley Linguistics Society, a talk at the Southeastern Conference on Linguistics, and another talk at our CURO Symposium. This semester he is writing his honors thesis, which both Dr. Gupton and Dr. Lee-Schoenfeld will be reading and evaluating.

The CURO Research Assistantship (CRA) supports experiential learning opportunities that only a major research university can provide. As part of an initiative to enhance the UGA learning environment, the CURO Research Assistantship Program provides 500 stipends of $1,000 each to outstanding undergraduate students across campus to actively participate in faculty-mentored research.