Picture of the three faculty members who received the 2019 Russell Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Vera Lee-Schoenfeld, Associate Professor of Linguistics and Adjunct faculty in Germanic and Slavic Studies, for receiving the university's highest early career teaching honor!

"Lee-Schoenfeld uses an inductive approach to her introductory and advanced syntax courses that guides students to collaboratively explore and analyze data, questioning conclusions they may have taken for granted. Through strategies developed as part of the Online Learning Fellows program, she revised the online introductory course in linguistics to incorporate new video lectures and interactive projects that engage students in the material. Lee-Schoenfeld played a significant role in revising the linguistics curricula for undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, her research collaboration with a professor at the University of Hannover in Germany has resulted in a number of opportunities for students, including a recently established exchange program offered to undergraduate students at both universities." - Camie Williams, University of Georgia Columns

Please be sure to read the article in the University of Georgia Columns.